IT consulting, remote system administration, IT security consulting and hardening, Kubernetes and docker container service management, cloud computing, cloud security

We believe in lasting cooperation, reliability and flexibility.

We can help to find you the best suitable solutions for your ideas, needs, problems and challanges.

Our goal is to support your business growth by managing your information technology requirements

  • by IT consulting services to find the best IT solutions,
  • by making sound project specifications,
  • by providing adequate project management,
  • by providing a broad scale of IT services.

We provide a broad scale of IT services

  • IT consultancy services
  • High Availability Linux server administration
  • IT infrastructure management
  • Website design and development
  • Remote management of Linux servers and virtual servers (VPS)
  • Website management
  • Setup load-balanced mail systems (webmail, IMAP, sending and receiving corporate emails)
  • Setup custom cloud solutions (Nextcloud integration)
  • Setup load-balanced web services
  • Setup containered applications and microservices (Docker, Kubernetes, AWS Elastic Kubernetes Services)
  • Creating security audits and managing security hardening of IT infrastructure
  • Selling Debian install disks and pre-installed PCs and Laptops


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