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We are specialized for startups and small businesses

We believe in lasting cooperation, correctness, reliability and flexibility.

We provide a broad scale of IT outsourcing services:

Our goal is to support your business growth by managing your information technology requirements

  • we transform your business ideas into applications
  • we create the infrastructure for your applications
  • we create your online presence and your reliable backoffice
  • we operate your online presence, infrastructure and backoffice

IT Outsourcing in Hungary

Outsourcing of information technology services helps your business to focus on its core activity

There are many benefits of using an IT outsourcing service provider in Hungary: Hungary is a member of European Union, Hungary has a high quality educational system and there are many high skilled IT professionals in Hungary. We have very good relations in every field of information technology, so we can select and hire the proper professionals and contractors for any task.

Make your business more robust and flexible with our IT outsourcing solutions!

Professional IT Services makes quality outsourcing services. Our goal is to support your business growth by managing your information technology requirements. We provide a broad scale of IT services, website design and website development, mobile application development, webhosting, email hosting, domain hosting, server and IT infrastructure management.

Main benefits of IT outsourcing:

  • Cost savings (20-30%)
  • Improvement in quality
  • Operational expertise
  • Capacity management
  • Risk management
  • Tax Benefit
  • Scalability

Regardless of your level of IT sophistication, the management and support of business infrastructure (servers, network, workstations, firewalls, laptops, mobile devices, and office applications) is likely not, and should not be, a core competency.

You may be great at helping your clients with their go to market strategy, provide them with a wide variety of legal services or even manufacture airplane parts for them. Since planning for and analyzing how best to support your IT infrastructure and managing the people who provide that support is not what generates revenue for you, you should consider outsourcing those functions. If you already outsource them, you should make certain that you are using service that matches your business needs.




Web development

Website design and development

Abris Gosztola
Website development of
Outsourcing of web application development
Nador Events
Website development and webhosting services
Neo Aeon
Website development and webhosting services

Server administration

Server administration

Aurum Bistro
IT infrastructure management
Create Value
Server and IT infrastructure management
Website and server administration
Kölyök Kupon
Web and email server administration

  • Fast and flexible domain registration and website development. Effective search engine optimization. Flawless web and mail server. Very fast response to our requests at favorable prices.

    ASIA Investment Holding
  • We use their mail and web servers for many years without any interruption. Every request is handled fast, they found solutions to every need.

    ARDA Consulting
  • We use their web- and mailserver administration services for many years and they found solution for every need and demand. Comforting feeling that they keep my servers safe and I have someone to turn to with every question, who understand my needs and resolve my problems.

    Vivalle Group Hungary
  • Such as their names suggest we are faced with a really professional team. Fast, flexible, precise work compared to our needs. They provide high availability even on weekends and every problem and need have been resolved or at least they gave suggestion!


    Create Value

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